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RCF M 18 (Kod: )

RCF M 18
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RCF M 18 RCF M 18 RCF M 18 RCF M 18 RCF M 18
  • 18 analog input channels, 8 mic preamps and 10 Line inputs including 2 HiZ switchable inputs
  • Three internal FX: Reverb, Delay, Modulation
  • 19 simultaneous studio-grade effects, including Guitar & Bass emulations developed by Overloud
  • MixRemote app ensuring a comprehensive control
  • Valve warmer, Xciter, Maximizer and Stereo Graphic EQ on Main Mix
  • 1 stereo main out and 6 aux outputs
  • USB port for the internal four-track player and two-track recorder
  • MIDI IN and OUT ports
  • 1 dual footswitch connector
  • Internal power supply

A new family of compact Digital Mixers have been designed by RCF, with the aim to address the requirements of modern performing musicians.

The main goal is to allow the user to minimize the amount of equipment needed for a live act. Therefore, a significant effort has been spent to include all the main features to ensure a seamless performance. These features are the following: - compact size: the mixer is small and can be placed anywhere within the stage or between the instruments - full remote control over WiFi of all features - integration of high-quality amplifier modeling - internal WiFi Access Point and Power Supply The M series of Digital Mixers are ideal in all cases where a dedicated sound engineer may not be available, and therefore a FOH mixer would be inappropriate. 
The musicians themselves can perform the sound check by moving in from of the house PA with a tablet and setting up the mixer accordingly
Proizvođač: RCF

MPC: 4.550,00 Kn
Gotovina/Virman 2.958,00 Kn

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