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Electro Voice RE3-ND76 (Kod: )

Electro Voice RE3-ND76
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Electro Voice RE3-ND76 Electro Voice RE3-ND76 Electro Voice RE3-ND76 Electro Voice RE3-ND76 Electro Voice RE3-ND76 Electro Voice RE3-ND76

UHF wireless set featuring ND76 dynamic cardioid microphone
Handheld UHF wireless set featuring ND76 dynamic cardioid microphone head for vocal performance and presentations. The ND76's crisp, clear, and balanced vocal presence is ideal for all-around voice applications.

Setup is quick and simple using the RE3 clear frequency scan and sync functions, and the radio link between the robust handheld transmitter and diversity receiver delivers rock-solid system performance.



Element type: Dynamic neodymium magnet structure
Frequency response, close: 30 Hz-17 kHz
Frequency response, far: 70 Hz-17 kHz
Polar pattern: Cardioid
Sensitivity, open circuit voltage @ 1 kHz: 5.6 mV/Pascal (-45 dBV/Pa)
Maximum SPL: 135.5 dB SPL (1% THD)
Impedance: 1000 ohms
Power requirements: 4-8 VDC
Polarity: Positive pressure on diaphragmproduces positive voltage at centercontact relative to ground contact
Electrical contact: 3-Ring/3-Pin
Threaded coupling: 1.25" diameter, 28 UN-2A thread pitch
Finish: Black polyurethane paint
Materials: Aluminum, steel, steel wire grillescreen



Frequency Oscillation Mode: Phase-locked loop (PLL)
Carrier Frequency Range: 470 - 865 MHz (tuning bandwidth is band-dependent)
Sync Frequency: Ultrasonic 40 kHz
Diversity: Antenna diversity
Bandwidth: 36MHz
Signal/Noise Ratio: >100dB(A)
Total Harmonic Distortion (Thd): <0.6%@1kHz
Receiving Sensitivity: -81dBm for -12dB SINAD
Frequency Response: 63Hz~16kHz±2dB (BPT) 51Hz~16kHz±2dB (HHT)
Antenna Type: Detachable ½ wave with BNC connector
Antenna Booster Power: DC12 - 15V/100mA
Function Display By: LCD
Contents Of Display: Group, channel, frequency, antenna A/B, transmitter battery level, transmitter status (mute, live, or no sync), output level attenuation, AF indication, RF indication, key lock indicator.
Control Functions: Power, scan, frequency, group, channel, squelch, TX sensitivity, TX attenuation, TX RF power, TX auto off, TX key lock, TX display info, TX sync configuration, RX output volume, RX output level, RX antenna booster power, RX key lock, RX display contrast, RX display brightness, RX system reset.
Sync Data Options: Frequency, group, channel, sensitivity level, attenuation status, RF power, auto off status, key lock status, transmitter display (freq or Gp/Ch)
Audio Frequency Output Level: Ref ±22.5kHz Dev@1kHz Tone
¼” (6.3mm) Phone Jack -10dBV
XLR Jack -4dBV(Line) -24dBV(MIC)
Audio Frequency Output Impedance: 240Ω (unbalanced) 1400Ω (balanced)
Squelch and noise muting: Noise muting and tone code locking
Output Ports: 1 x balanced XLRM jack 1 x unbalanced ¼” TS (6.3mm) jack
Power Supply: DC12~15V/500mA
Finish: Black polyurethane paint

Width: 8.27 inch (210mm)
Height: (with feet attached) 47mm
Height: (without feet attached) 44mm
Depth: (including antenna jack) 175mm
Depth: (not including antenna jack) 155mm


Proizvođač: Electro Voice

MPC: 5.708,00 Kn
Gotovina/Virman 3.996,00 Kn

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